Traid has now funded our long-term project Supporting the Children of Garment Workers in partnership with the NGO Nagorik Uddyog for over a decade! Since 2013, Traid has committed £725,500 of funding towards this project, establishing two drop-in and two daycare centres to improve the safety and education of 180 children aged 2-16 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over ten years, the centres have built a positive reputation with locals and the children who refer to them as ‘Shopnopuri’ aka Dreamland!    

Photographed: Children inside a classroom at one of Nagorik Uddyog’s daycare centres holding their government education textbooks.

Last year, Nagorik Uddyog exceeded its goals and supported 251 children, that’s 71 more children than the charity’s original target of 180! Of these 251 children: 

  • 54%  were guided into education through mainstream education facilities, Madrasas and tailoring courses.
  • 38%  received their birth certificates, a vital document needed to access citizenship rights, state schools and hospitals.  
  • All 251 children received education from early childhood education for children aged 2-6 and informal education including basic reading, writing and numeracy for children aged 6-16! 
  • Traid’s funding directly supported all four centres’ repairs and renovations, making them cleaner, brighter and well-equipped with new furniture and educational resources. The children were also provided with school bags and government books to help kick start their learning activities in their forthcoming lessons.  

Meet Poppy, aged 10, who attends the drop-in centres with her brother who is 4. She shares her thoughts on how the centres have helped her and her family,  

“My mother also feels safe for us when we are here. We come to this centre daily altogether. We learn in a pleasant environment. Our teachers always value our thoughts. Our parents don’t need a lot of money for our education since almost everything is free here. I love my centre very much and want to study here as long as I can.” 

Children sitting on the steps outside a planetarium
Photographed: 40 children who attend the drop-in centres on a school trip to the National Planetarium and National Museum of Science and Technology.

In 2023, Nagorik Uddyog continued to strengthen the project’s on-going safeguarding strategy. The centres have now installed CCTV for monitoring and teams of staff had the opportunity to attend a two-day workshop that covered topics on Safeguarding, Risk Assessments, Reporting Policy Violations, and Physical Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH). All these measures and learning opportunities for staff are essential to make the centres a safe space for the children to learn and thrive.  

In our latest round of funding, Traid has committed £83,000 across one year to maintain the care centres and support Nagorik Udyog’s goals. One of the project’s new focuses aims to expand the children’s horizons by exposing them to culture and science, where 40 children visited the National Planetarium and National Museum of Science and Technology! This fantastic work continues into 2024. You can find out more about this project here