Our Team

MA project on TRAID's work to reuse clothes
MA project on TRAID’s work to reuse clothes ©TRAID

CEO, Maria Chenoweth

Leads TRAID’s operations, vision and future development. Email

Commercial Director, Enedina Columbano

Manages and co-ordinates our charity retail operations. Email

Head of International Programmes, Leigh McAlea

For enquiries regarding funding, international development partners and programme learning. Email

Interim Head of Marketing and Communications, Sarah Burns

Responsible for all communications, marketing and digital across TRAID. Email

Operations Director, Roberto Clemente

Oversees and manages the organisation’s day-to-day operations. Email

Finance Director, Umashish Panda

Oversees all financial management across the organisation. Email

Head of Partnerships, Jose Baladron

Responsible for the growth of TRAID’s reuse and recycling operations including home collections through partnerships. Email

People Recruitment and Training Director, Enrico Rizzi

Responsible for all recruitment and staff training across TRAID. Email

Donations Processing Manager, Rose Nkore

Co-ordinates our team of sorters at TRAID’s warehouse. Email

Area Manager, Nik Malek

Manages our on-the-ground charity retail operations. Email

Area Manager, Laura Bleas

Manages our on-the-ground charity retail operations. Email

Window Designer, Francesco Colucci

Designs and creates TRAID’s 12 charity shop windows. Email

Our Trustees