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Our social impact

Since 1999 we’ve championed second-hand fashion as a force for good.

From our shop floor to our projects around the world, we work to make a positive impact on people and planet. Read about our successes supporting cotton farmers, garment workers and their children.

Our Successes

Growing the Organic Cotton Sector

Since 2009 our funding has been instrumental in establishing the organic cotton sector in Benin and Ethiopia alongside our partners OBEPAB, PAN Ethiopia and PAN UK.

Building Futures

We established four care centres that provide quality care, nutrition and education for around 2,000 children of garment working mothers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with our partner Nagorik Uddyog.

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Encouraging Organic Cotton Certification

Our work in Benin has empowered over 6,500 Beninese farmers to become certified organic cotton growers, which not only means their farming practices are kinder to the environment but farmers earn more income for their cotton production. While over in Ethiopia our funding helped achieve producing the first ever Ethiopian organic cotton certifications!

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Empowering Girls

We are now funding 60 six-month vocational sewing and tailoring scholarships for female waste pickers aged 14 – 17 working on a dangerous landfill site in Matuail, Dhaka, Bangladesh to build a life away from waste picking.

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Eliminating Pesticides

We have supported the training of over 13,000 cotton farmers in Benin and Ethiopia in Farmer Field Schools to use fewer or no hazardous pesticides and fertilisers, vastly improving health, incomes and the environment.

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Breaking New Ground

From our with organic cotton growers in Ethiopia and Benin we expanded our support to vegetable farmers in Ethiopia to successfully use these agroecological learning models (working with nature) to manage crops more naturally, in many cases eliminating dangerous pesticide use completely.

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