We are celebrating 25 years of being London’s leading fashion charity. Over the past 25 years we have pioneered shopping, donating and wearing second-hand clothing as a first choice to change the fashion industry for the better.

Traid emerged at the end of the 90s set against a backdrop of grunge t-shirts, neon rave gear and brit pop parkas, on a mission to fight global poverty.  The plan was to collect unwanted clothing via 700 clothing banks and sell them in four shops across London. Over the next decade we launched educational programmes and campaigns to raise environmental awareness in the fashion industry. In 2012, we pledged to focus on projects that take care of the people and natural resources that make our clothes, and we have been working hard on that ever since. Today, we are one of London’s best loved charity retailers with twelve London charity shops as well as pop-ups all over the country with Charity Super.Mkt.

We believe in fashion as a form of self-expression and personal style, one where your clothes look good, feel good and do good. We maximise the impact and potential of the clothes you no longer wear; demanding change from a throw away, fast fashion culture that continues to destroy this planet. To date, we have put 228 million garments back into use, saving 622,059 tonnes of CO2 and 105.3 million m3 of water – and counting.

As the only charity retailer with the sole purpose of advocating for a better fashion industry, we have raised over £7.5 million for good work supporting at least 700,000 garment workers, their families, and their communities across 50 projects in 30 countries and we have no intention of slowing down.  

Commenting on this landmark anniversary, Traid CEO Maria Chenoweth said, “Whilst the fashion industry isn’t moving on, Traid is. With 65% of the population now wearing something second-hand, we are on a mission to make this 100%. Traid is refreshing itself and its brand to make the appeal of second-hand and charity retail even more inclusive. Traid will continue its journey of offering a genuine alternative to high street fashion, whilst funding projects that benefit the people that make our clothes.” 

In 2024 we are marking our 25th anniversary with a season of activations, projects, partnerships and a full brand relaunch including store refreshes. Kicking off our celebrations is the redesign of our Shepherds Bush store this February and an opening event on 18th February.