Our History

Sorting at TRAID's warehouse
Sorting at the TRAID warehouse ©Rita Platts


TRAID launches as a UK registered charity (297489) with four charity shops and 700 textile recycling banks with the aim of raising funds to fight global poverty by collecting unwanted clothes to reuse and resell. We fund four international development projects in our first year.


TRAID founds the ethical fashion label TRAIDremade producing garments exclusively from damaged textiles.


TRAID launches an education programme aimed at people of all ages to increase textile reuse and raise environmental awareness.


TRAID’s charitable objectives are expanded to include our work to protect the environment and deliver sustainable education.


TRAID funds its first project to improve the textile supply and production chain.


TRAID develops it funding criteria focusing exclusively on projects working ‘to free the textile supply and production chain from the exploitation of people and the environment’.


TRAID has committed over £3,392,416 to projects improving social and environmental conditions in the textile industry including improving the working conditions of over 650,000 garment workers, removing children from bonded and forced labour; supporting cotton farmers to reduce and eliminate pesticide use; establishing co-operative textile businesses and developing eco-friendly textile production processes.

All from our work to extend the life of clothes.