Our Manifesto - Traid

Our Manifesto

We believe that fashion should make you feel good. But sadly right now the majority of the fashion industry doesn’t do that at all – it doesn’t feel good for garment workers, it doesn’t feel good for the planet and it doesn’t feel good as fashion lovers.

So at Traid, we’re on a mission to change all of that.

Second-hand should be our first choice.

By shopping second-hand, we can prolong the lifespan of quality things, drastically reduce waste and stop supporting the harmful fast fashion industry. It helps us value our clothes, the work that goes into producing them and the lives they’ve had before us.

Fair practices should be the norm

We want to make sure the people who make our clothes are supported to live healthy happy lives. We fund projects all over the world to make sure everyone that contributes to making our clothing, whether that’s farmers, or garment workers and their families, gets fair treatment and has control over their own future.

This is how the fashion industry should work.

Fashion isn’t just about what we wear – it has a real impact on people’s lives and the planet. We envision a world of fashion where every piece of clothing has a story, and every purchase contributes to a positive impact. We believe in clothes that not only look good but do good.