Did you know that 65% of the UK now wear something that’s second-hand and 80% of all second-hand purchases are made in charity shops!

It’s safe to say that shopping second-hand is fast becoming a mainstream choice and not just one that makes a fashion statement but a deliberate decision to do good and show kindness towards people and the planet. In this resale revolution the TRAID team has been busier than ever meeting new audiences of second-hand shoppers and travelling across borders to set up shop in brand new locations. Take a look at where our second-hand rails have visited…

Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford

Take a peek inside TRAID’s six month long pop-up shop at Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford. Launching in December 2022, this was the first time TRAID had ventured outside London with our very own shop in a mainstream shopping centre!

Glastonbury Festival 

In June 2023, TRAID was invited to join Glastonbury Festival and featured in the Shangri-La area known as a ‘creative playground’ that explores new ideas to shake up society as we know it. This year’s theme was ‘Everything Must Go’ which focused on alternative exchanges and ways of seeing value on our High Streets. TRAID was one of many installations showcasing the positive power of good business where charity retail is one of the most important business models making a direct different to people, places and the planet. 

Charity Super.Mkt 

Charity Super.Mkt first launched in January 2023 and was co-founded by TRAID CEO Maria Chenoweth and Wayne Hemingway. Opening up its first shop in North London’s Brent Cross Shopping Centre, the second-hand pop-up sensation has now been touring across the UK and TRAID’s been there every step of the way! We’ve traveled to new mainstream retail spaces and places including going up North to Manchester and across borders to Edinburgh and Glasgow for the very first time.

Check out where you can now find TRAID…

Charity Super.Mkt’s pop-up locations featuring TRAID:

  • Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford – closes Saturday 23rd December
  • Media City, Salford Quayside, Manchester – closes Sunday 28th January
  • Westfield Shopping Centre, London – closes Sunday 25th February
  • Cabot Circus, Bristol – closes Sunday 25th February
  • St James’ Quarter, Edinburgh – closes Sunday 25th February