In July we announced our partnership with the lifestyle brand TOAST. Now three months into the partnership with a donation scheme at the ready and TOAST supporting a Traid funded project, we’re here to share the latest updates.

TOAST launched their Circular Initiatives programme to find effective ways to keep clothes in use for longer. As a pioneer in clothing reuse, Traid has partnered with TOAST to support their initiatives, in particular TOAST Reworn. To date, our partnership with TOAST has saved 387 kgs of clothing and shoes from going into landfill!

TOAST Reworn offers customers the opportunity to shop secondhand TOAST garments. In this initiative customers can donate their TOAST branded garments back to TOAST to extend the life of their clothes. TOAST will grade and resell the secondhand clothes and from the items sold will donate 10% of all the revenue to our fantastic project partner READ. If garments are unable to be repurposed through the Reworn initiative, TOAST will donate the items to Traid, so keep an eye out on our shop floors.

We are delighted that TOAST will support our long-term project partner READ (Rights Education And Development Centre) with their Circular Initiatives. READ is an NGO established in 2001 with the mission of creating a society where every person has the right to life and dignity. Since 2010, TRAID has funded READ’s work to support migrant garment workers in Tamil Nadu, South India. Find out more about Traid’s project with READ.

Traid’s Head of Partnership’s Jose Baladron has been working closely with the TOAST team, and commented: “We’re delighted to partner with TOAST, working together to stop clothing from going to landfill. This is just the beginning as we combine our resources to create positive change.”