The term ‘organic’ is not only found in the aisles of your local supermarket; organic products are produced across all industries, including the fashion industry. Right now, with continuous growth year-on-year, the organic cotton sector is booming with 229,280 organic cotton farmers globally producing 342,265 tonnes of organic cotton!

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown in agricultural systems that work with nature, rather than against it. Organic farming brings together traditional techniques with innovative science to produce positive effects on the environment and cotton farmers across the world.


How is TRAID supporting organic cotton?

In 2023, TRAID has committed £470,000 of funding towards the international projects that support organic farming across Benin and Ethiopia. Our longstanding partnerships with PAN UK, PAN Ethiopia and OBEPAB work to eliminate pesticide usage and give farmers the tools to transition to organic growing methods. Working locally and with a hands-on approach has led to over 8,000 farmers in Ethiopia to grow cotton without pesticides and 4,475 farmers in Benin to obtain an organic cotton farming certification!

Hear about TRAID’s organic projects

Growing Benin’s Organic Cotton Sector

As one of the main investors of this project until 2021, this year TRAID has committed £169,112 towards an 18-month project in partnership with OBEPAB and PAN UK to improve the incomes, health and soil quality for thousands of organic cotton farmers in Benin. Read more about this project.


Expanding Agroecological Cotton in Ethiopia

In 2023, we are continuing our work with TRAID’s long term partners PAN UK and PAN Ethiopia to continue to build upon the last decade of work to develop Ethiopian cotton farmers self-reliance and resilience to the changing climate and cotton market expansion. This year we are committing £262,511 towards a 2-year project that sees exciting developments for Ethiopian cotton farmers. Read more about this project.


Chemical Free Crops in Ethiopia

Out of our three organic projects, this project adapts the tried and tested organic cotton farming models and implements them with vegetable farming. In our fifth year supporting this project, we have committed £38,464 to continue to reduce agricultural pesticide use. Read more about this project.


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