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An inspiring and interactive assembly introducing environmental topics like textile recycling, reuse and sustainability. Pupils will learn that the precious resources used by the fashion industry are limited and how recycling can help protect these resources. We explore the life cycle of clothing and the impacts of each stage – from manufacturing to waste - on the environment, climate and…
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Eco-heroes recycling in Brent Primary School
In this discussion based session, TRAID takes pupils on a journey beyond our wardrobes to the fields, factories, homes and mills where our clothes are made. Using real stories from our international development partners, pupils will learn about the damage fast fashion causes to people and the environment. As well as finding out about the problems, we will also consider…
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Child Labour in Bangladesh

Response & Action

30 / 07 / 13
Pupils will need to have completed The Secret Life of Clothes before taking this module. We work with pupils to turn knowledge into practical change and action. They will work in groups to come up with ideas and actions of how to reduce their fashion footprint. Each group will decide and agree on an action which they will work towards…
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Recycled poster design