For National Volunteers Week we wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to TRAID volunteers past and present and share the stories of the people that generously give their time to support our work.

Today we say Thank You Anju and find out about her experience volunteering at TRAID.

Anju Sinha has been volunteering at TRAID's Brixton charity shop since October 2016
Anju Sinha has been volunteering at TRAID’s Brixton charity shop since October 2016

TRAID: Hi Anju

Anju: Hi!

TRAID: What motivated you to volunteer at TRAID?

Anju: It was to do with clothes. I’m interested in fashion and I really like the ethos behind TRAID as a charity. And it helps it’s all to with clothes! *laughs*

TRAID: Yes, we love clothes too! You’ve been volunteering with us for a long time now, what has your experience of volunteering at TRAID been like?

Anju: The people that I volunteer with are super helpful, friendly and accommodating. I feel my experience is welcomed and I’m really enjoying learning about how TRAID sort clothes, the processes involved, handling cash and having contact with the public, so I’m feel I’m getting lots of benefits and I can see that volunteering is helping me develop personally and professionally.

TRAID: So, with that in mind, if someone was considering volunteering at TRAID, what would you say to them?

Anju: Do it! You’ll have a fun time whilst learning a lot about the fashion industry, and being a part of a welcoming environment surrounded by lovely people and lovely clothes. Haha!

If you’d like to find out how to get involved as a volunteer at TRAID you can read more here.