Huge congratulations to the team of Year 7 students at Fortismere Secondary School in Muswell Hill, London, who chose to represent TRAID in the First Give final on 1st May.

The team gave a fantastic five minute presentation after researching TRAID’s work, visiting our Head Office and charity shops and meeting with our education team to find out more about all the environmental and social benefits of TRAID’s work to stop our clothes from being thrown away and wasted.

10 groups of students represented different charities with the winning presentation receiving £1,000 for their chosen charity.

While TRAID’s team didn’t win (that honour went to the group representing the fantastic work of Marie Curie) they delivered a creative confident professional pitch which included role play and a fun game at the end to reveal who in the audience wore secondhand clothes.

Year 7 students at Fortismere taking part in the First Give Final
Year 7 students at Fortismere taking part in the First Give Final

As well as all the research that went into their pitch, the group also got involved in fundraising by selling cakes which raised an amazing £69.44 for TRAID!

Mark Strathdene, Director of Learning at Fortismere School said, “Fortismere School gives great importance to fostering moral responsibility and to become engaged in the world around them. We deliver the First Give programme to Year 7 students to encourage them to increase their social awareness and to do something good, as well as developing their team working and presentation skills. We could not have run the project without the support of the charities like TRAID who were generous enough with their time to allow our students to visit them and support them.”

Leigh McAlea, Head of Communications at TRAID said, “We were so impressed by the work they put into understanding TRAID’s work which was reflected in their intelligent and passionate presentation. Although they were up against some strong teams and causes, they did a great job of raising awareness of something people don’t think about much – how making, buying and disposing of our clothes can have very negative impacts on people and planet.”

Thanks so much to everyone involved.