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In Benin, West Africa, it’s been another hugely impressive year of organic cotton farming expansion, women’s inclusion, and accessing new market opportunities with our long-term partners the Benin Organisation for the Promotion of Organic Farming (OBEPAB) and Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK). Right now, this TRAID funded project has seen participating organically certified farms achieve a 222% higher net income for…
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Meet Dinki Human

02 / 10 / 19
Meet Ester Ford, founder of Dinki Human, a sustainable clothes brand for kids and babies. They created a special 'Earth Leopard' print and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to TRAID to support our work to create more sustainable production and consumption. We really respect Dinki Human's ethos which influences everything from design to packaging. We invited Ester to…
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Cotton is the most used natural fibre in the textile industry but we don’t tend to make the connection that many of the clothes in our wardrobes began life by being grown in a field, by a farmer, somewhere in the world. A huge proportion of clothing production depends on cotton farmers. But, their welfare, health, communities and land are…
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