17 – 23 NOVEMBER 2014


Join the fashion reuse charity TRAID for a week of events, workshops and initiatives between 17th – 23rd November, to celebrate all things secondhand while committing to using more of our existing resources, rather than buying new. Keep up to date via our events page or you can download all the events taking place in TRAID shops eventposter.


All of TRAID’s work across reuse, education and international development funding is focused on reducing the negative impacts of textiles and the fashion industry on the environment and people’s lives.

We launched the #SECONDHANDFIRST pledge to encourage people to commit to sourcing a percentage of their wardrobe secondhand.

Taking the pledge reminds people of the problems in textile supply chains, and provides a way to take control and responsibility for our clothes consumption. You can take the pledge here.

With your help we can raise awareness and inspire others to think and take action.


Here are some ideas, actions and resources to support TRAID’s #SecondhandFirst Week, as well as how to keep us posted with your progress.



Could you commit to wearing only secondhand clothes throughout #SecondhandFirst Week?

Don your charity, vintage, shared and thrifted finds and take a photo of your outfits each day. Take the challenge and inspire others to be resourceful with their clothes too.

Share by submitting your photos and styling tips to sarah@traid.org.uk, tweet @traid using the hashtag #secondhandfirst, or post on our Facebook page /TRAIDcharity.

Bloggers! Inspire others by featuring your secondhand outfits and charity shop tips on your blog and take our #SecondhandFirst Week Challenge. Share the results with us, we’d love to see them and share them too.

credit Snapshot Cafe
credit Snapshot Cafe


Clothes swaps are a great way to refresh your wardrobe without spending money or, more importantly, using up new and precious resources. A win for the environment, and your purse!

Have some friends over for an evening of clothes swapping and a catch up, or, if you’re feeling adventurous perhaps your local pub has a spare room they can lend you, or your library, local church or community centre may loan you the space in exchange for some publicity and footfall.

You will need: some clothes rails, hangers, and tables for displaying the garments, posters or flyers to advertise. Utilise social media to spread the word. Put a limit on the items of clothes people bring. Some clothes swaps will grade the clothes based on the quality, condition, brand and whether or not it is ‘on trend’ and hand out tokens to reflect eg. if you bring a designer item of clothing you get more tokens than if you were to bring George at Asda and can therefore pick up more lower quality items in return or something of equal quality and value at the swap.

At the end of your clothes swap donate your clothes to your local charity shop or book a convenient and free collection from TRAID straight from your door (email: recycling@traid.org.uk or phone collection 020 8733 2580)



TRAID Sew Good workshops are held regularly to teach people of all ages basic sewing skills to extend the life of our clothes. People bring a piece of clothing they no longer wear, and we help them to bring it back to life by mending or adjusting it.

If your aim is to teach yourself a new sewing skill to give longer life to your clothes then do take a photo of your fix and mend too and tweet us at #sewgood.

If you are able to sew, or know someone who can, why not organise your own Sew Good workshop and help others learn the basic but essential skills they need to fix, mend or alter their clothes. It could be by machine or by hand but do let us know if you would like to run one during #secondhandfirst week with the details and address and we can include it in our week of events and actions by emailing sarah@traid.org.uk



This is the week to show your local charity shop some love.

If you’re in or around London TRAID will be hosting events in our charity shops throughout #SecondhandFirst Week. Talks, workshops, film screenings and exhibitions are among the many activities we have lined up. Check our events page for more details and sign up to our SecondhandFirst Week of action newsletter to keep you updated on what is going on in your area: sarah@traid.org.uk


Give your clothes a second life and book a free home collection with TRAID straight from your door and hassle free! Call us on 020 8733 2580 (option 1) or email recycling@traid.org.uk

Got a great idea for #SecondhandFirst Week? Tell us about it!

If you’re thinking of organising an event, workshop or action in your local area please submit your event to be included in the week of activities with a brief description, address and contact number.

We would love to hear your ideas of what you will do for #SecondhandFirst Week. Email sarah@traid.org.uk or call on 020 8733 2594.