Shopping #secondhandfirst takes time and an eagle eye. At TRAID we hand sort through 6-7 tonnes of clothes every day at our clothes sorting warehouse in Wembley, so our team certainly know a thing or two about fashion and finding those gems.

For SecondhandFirst Week, Shepherd’s Bush shop manager Marta Krolewicz is sharing her secondhandfirst styling skills.

Marta takes the #secondhandfirst pledge!  TRAID Secondhandfirst photo shoot, styling: Marta Krolewicz // photography: Steve Nyman
Marta takes the #secondhandfirst pledge! TRAID Secondhandfirst photo shoot, styling: Marta Krolewicz // photography: Steve Nyman

Here we find out a little more about TRAID’s super in-store stylist:

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself:
I’ve always been interested in fashion. I moved to London over 10 years ago to learn and experience everything this multi-cultural city has to offer. Having spent only a short time here I realised London is my home and a place where I can be free to express my sense of fashion, free from judgement.
I studied styling, visual merchandising and trend prediction courses at Central Saint Martins which all helped me to understand British fashion needs in industry.

Clothes help me to express myself and make me happy.

How Does SecondhandFirst Shape Your Creativity?

Everyday at TRAID I’m seeing lots of different fabrics and clothes of different shapes and cuts which inspire me and give me new ideas of how to wear them. I’m constantly meeting lots of interesting people, these interactions inspire me and other people’s sense of fashion feeds my creativity.

Describe Your Day
My day starts with the big question: what should I wear? If I have time sometimes I think ahead and plan what I will wear the day before. I’m a bicycle lover so I have two outfits in the morning to prepare, one for cycling and one for work.
Every day is different. I like surprising myself with things I can do which I didn’t planned. There is always something new that I can do or try at my shop in Shepherd’s Bush.
When I go home after work I like to do fashion research and sometimes I persuade my flatmates to model as I practice my styling and build on my portfolio of work.

What’s Your Most Treasured Item?
My mother gave me a vintage jacket from the 70’s. I loved the jacket and kept it with love for many years until I couldn’t wear it anymore as sadly it no longer fitted me. I donated it to TRAID and I made sure that I knew it was going to a good home and would continued to be loved and cherished.
I also have a Chanel bag purchased from TRAID Hammersmith many years ago. It sits on my fireplace like an ornament. I love to just look at it and admire the beauty and craftmanship of the bag. I treasure all of my clothes and treat them with respect and love.

Marta accessorising secondhandfirst
Marta accessorising secondhandfirst

Give us your top #secondhandfirst styling tip!
I would tell anyone buying and styling secondhandfirst to not be afraid to try something new, and be open-minded. Always try the clothes on (before you commit to buying) and most importantly have fun with your clothes! Don’t worry about the sizes, most of the items in the stores look much different on the hanger than they will on the person so experiment with colours and sizes and see how you feel about it before you reject something. You may surprise yourself!

Marta will be at the Late Night Shepherd’s Bush on Thursday 20th November, you can book a styling appointment with her here. See more of Marta’s secondhandfirst inspiration on her instagram.