On Thursday 24th April we held a late night opening in our Dalston shop on Kingsland Road. This was one of three events Traid were involved in to mark Fashion Revolution Day, one year on from the Rana Plaza factory collapse which killed 1133 and injured over 2500 people.

Talking to customers about ethical fashion
Talking to customers about ethical fashion

While our customers were shopping for the best in second hand clothes, we encouraged them to lobby their favourite retailers by tweeting or emailing them to ask ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ the theme for this years Fashion Revolution Day. In recent years we have become disconnected from the materials and manufacturers of the clothes we wear. The aim of asking ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ is to open up a dialogue with retailers and brands to create transparency and connect the consumer with the manufacturers. Due to the complexities of the supply chain often retailers and brands are not able to answer the question.

Customers shopping at TRAID Dalston's late night
Shopping at TRAID Dalston’s late night

Thank you to all our customers who made purchases on the night we raised £1135 in three hours, and thanks to our sorting and shop staff for their brilliant work collecting, processing and pricing! All proceeds will go directly to the Rana Plaza victims and their families most of whom have not received a penny of compensation. If you’d like to find out more about how the factory collapse has affected the lives of families of the victims you can watch the film ‘Tears in the Fabric’ It follows one family who are struggling to cope both financially and emotionally with the loss of loved ones.

All day and throughout the event Traid staff were wearing ‘NO MORE FASHION VICTIMS’ T-shirts sending a strong message to consumers, designers, retailers and manufacturers.

TRAID staff wearing No More Fashion Victims slogan tee shirts
TRAID team say ‘No More Fashion Victims’
TRAID Warehouse staff say No More Fashion Victims
TRAID Warehouse staff say No More Fashion Victims

The T-shirts were sourced in our sorting warehouse and printed in the UK. The print was kindly donated by Katharine Hamnett, thanks Katharine!

Fashion Revolution Day marks a turning point. We need to clean up the fashion industry and to ensure that factory collapses like Rana Plaza never happen again and that ultimately that there are NO MORE FASHION VICTIMS. Donate to Traid, shop at Traid and help us fund vital international development projects to end exploitation in the global textile supply chain.