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Traid CEO Maria Chenoweth on why we need to rethink Christmas. We have to get one thing straight. Our planet can no longer afford mass shopping sprees such as Black Friday, Halloween, Valentines, Easter and Christmas, where people working in exploitative conditions produce even more things we don’t need.  These seasonal events are contributing to the irreversible ecological breakdown of…
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Every year, Good Gym teams sprint out to TRAID charity shops, and help us to restock after the sale. This month, this amazing energy restocked TRAID Hammersmith and Shepherd's Bush in record time! Five goodgymers - Arba, Cookie, Beth, Ritsu and Leanne, met at TRAID Hammersmith and set to work removing clothes from hangers. It was Ritsu and Leanne's first…
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One Year On

31 / 03 / 21
TRAID's CEO Maria Chenoweth reflects on one year since the UK's first lockdown, closed charity shops and striving to fund our global partners and projects, when they need us most. Wow. If someone told me I would be managing TRAID for a year from my kitchen table during a pandemic lockdown, I would surely have thought them mad! Toilet roll queues…
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