Every year, Good Gym teams sprint out to TRAID charity shops, and help us to restock after the sale. This month, this amazing energy restocked TRAID Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush in record time!

Five goodgymers – Arba, Cookie, Beth, Ritsu and Leanne, met at TRAID Hammersmith and set to work removing clothes from hangers. It was Ritsu and Leanne’s first ever community mission which are designed to work out by helping out.


The team arrived and jumped straight in, removing clothes from hangers and transferring everything into big cardboard boxes. Once the decks were cleared, the shop was thoroughly cleaned!

Good Gymer Bethan Critchley said, “After a few months of second-hand clothes flying off the shelves, TRAID required our help to pack up their remaining items to make way for new stock. We also found a few gems … one pair of pineapple shorts, a blindingly bright yellow crop top and a few prom-esque dresses were particular favourites!”


Good Gym helped TRAID’s shop staff team to pack up the clothes in no time. Once done, the team sprinted to Shepherd’s Bush to do it all over again.


Massive thanks to Good Gym. It’s an incredible concept bringing so many local benefits, from stopping to have a cup of tea and chat with someone who might need a bit of company, to helping re-stock not one, but two charity shops!

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