There’s nothing more satisfying than having a thorough wardrobe clear out. And now with spring in full swing, there’s no better time to refresh and edit your wardrobe. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you with your next wardrobe clear out. For pieces that you’re ready to pass on, why not donate to Traid using our free home collection service.

Figure out your style

The best way to kickstart a wardrobe clear out is by taking it all out! See all the clothes you’ve got folded away and begin to break them down into sections; tops, bottoms, shoes, outerwear etc. You’ll soon start to see the styles, shapes, lengths, colours and patterns you gravitate towards, and which pieces are your style anomalies. Work out which items are your go-tos and begin to build your refreshed wardrobe around them.

Edit your wardrobe

Now you’ve seen your style staples, it’s time to look at the items you no longer wear. You may have some clothes where the vision didn’t quite match the outfit you had in mind, and they have since stayed hidden in your wardrobe. It’s best to say goodbye to these pieces as they can confuse your current style, take up unnecessary space and just make daily dressing a chore.

When you begin to whittle down your wardrobe, you could try the “four pile method” by breaking down your edit into different piles:

Pile 1: “These items are my go-to and I’m always reaching for them.” – This is where the clothes you love are here to stay.

Pile 2: “I like these pieces but I’m not sure if they fit with my style” – It’s best to pack these items away in a box to come back to as you might end up becoming reinspired to wear them again later. (If these are seasonal pieces, we suggest you revisit them at the time of year you’d wear them).

Pile 3: “These pieces are no longer my style, or they don’t fit me” – Donate these items to charity as they might not be in your style rotation, but they will definitely be a style match for someone else.

Pile 4: “These items are damaged” – See if you can get crafty and repair these items or they may be ready to be used as rags.

Show your clothes a bit of TLC

Our favourite worn pieces will inevitably show signs of wear and tear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be immediately cast aside. A rip, stain or missing button can be easily stitched up with a needle and thread. Assess the damage to your clothes and see if the item could be reworn. If you’re a beginner sewer there are lots of free community classes to help you repair and repurpose your clothes, check out our events page to see our upcoming repair workshops.

Pass on your clothes

If you’ve got clothes that are no longer right for you and your style, think about passing them on for someone else to rewear. Whether that’s through a style swap with your friends or donating them to charity to help raise funds for good causes.

Before sending off your clothes, make sure you give them a wash and a quality check. If your items aren’t something you’d be happy to buy second-hand in-store, they’re probably not right for the charity shop.   

For the pieces you can donate, passing them on to our charity will help us raise vital funds for global projects in the fashion industry, supporting the people who make our clothes; from cotton farmers to garment workers. You can drop off your donations at any one of our 12 shops or if you live in London, you can book a free home collection and we’ll come and take your donations off your hands.