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18 / 02 / 20
This project run by OBEPAB has produced the following impressive results. Major Income Increase: In the last harvest (Winter 2018), farmers growing organically had a net income 92% higher than their neighbours farming conventionally (using chemical pesticides and fertilisers). It's not because their yields were significantly higher but because the inputs they use - for example ingredients for natural pesticides…
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In the project villages, it’s rare for girls to study beyond the language and value-based education they got in local Islamic schools called 'Madrasas'. Parents cite safety concerns, tradition, and most of all, the idea that education will not benefit their daughters’ lives. In response, GoodWeave initiated a literacy class in Tilbegumpur and Jaee. The educational platform is specifically designed…
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It has been 5 years now since I decided to convert to organic cotton. I made this decision because I had just suffered a miscarriage due to the use of pesticides. Organic cotton has given me more independence as a woman, because I receive a better income, and I am paid immediately after the harvest. I am now able to…
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