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Find out more about the international development projects funded by TRAID since 1999. These projects have now ended.

Consolidating Sustainable Cotton in Ethiopia

Project location: Gamo Gofa & Welaita Zones,Southern Ethiopia
Funding: £96,500
Year / duration: 2021 / 1 Year
Partner: PAN Ethiopia and PAN UK
TRAID has supported PAN Ethiopia and PAN UK since 2012 to reduce and end Ethiopian cotton farmer's dependency on hazardous pesticides. To date we have committed £586,921 - over half a million pounds - to empower Ethiopian cotton farming communities formerly using expensive dangerous chemicals, to manage crops naturally. Today, over 2,000 farmers have significantly improved their yields, health, wealth…
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Reimagining Bangladesh’s Fabric Waste

Funding: £75,013
Year / duration: 2019 / 1 year
Partner: Traidcraft
Of the fabric used in Bangladesh’s garments sector, about a quarter is wasted, according to Reverse Resources (2017). This represents a staggering 350,000 tonnes of cloth which potentially ends up being dumped or burnt. However, a ‘backyard garment sector’ has emerged in Saidpur, a rural region in the north west of Bangladesh. Here, an estimated 500 small businesses have sprung…
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AMMA: making textiles naturally

Project location: Sri Lanka
Funding: £40,000 (£30,000 2019 & £10,000 2018)
Year / duration: 2019 / 2 Years & 2018 / 1 year
Partner: AMMA and Tea Leaf Trust
Bleaching, printing and dyeing textiles is one of the most environmentally harmful stages of the garment production chain. Huge quantities of water, energy and chemicals are used including heavy metals, formaldehyde and chlorine. These chemicals produce effluents which pollute ground and drinking water. They are also hazardous to the people working with them. The textile industry urgently needs to find…
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