Photographer and human rights advocate Sumeja Tulic shot images for the TRAID photography collective project. The shoot took place in our newest charity shop in the heart of Peckham using clothes from the store, and images from the project will be exhibited on Thursday 18th December at our first Peckham Late Night.

The series is an imaginative portraiture of a Muslim woman wearing hijab in London. Unlike many other European or Western capitals, Muslim women wearing hijab have a presence in the societal fabric enfolding before ones eyes everyday on the street. The pictures don’t pertain to advocate assimilation through fashion or to perpetuate an exotic image of women wearing hijab. The outfits worn by the model invoke outfits seen on the streets of London, Sarajevo, Paris and Brooklyn. On a more personal level, the photographer and the model are both Muslim women who used this mini photographic series as an opportunity to imagine themselves wearing the hijab. Similarly to this, Sumeja has worked on a project called “Travel Guide for Mama”: a photo book intended as a travel guide to New York for Sumeja’s mother who started wearing the hijab some 25 years ago.

Credits: Photo: Sumeja Tulic – Model: Serife Fidan – Styling: Sumeja/Serife.

sumeja2 - Copia