Students get creative with scraps of fabrics, scavenged safety pins and discarded buttons turning textile waste into a wonderful brooch, accessory or themed piece they can take home. In the process, they will learn or refresh basic sewing and customisation skills. Creatively reusing waste rather than throwing it away sees pupils to value the materials around them and encourages us to consider what waste is.

  • We start the workshop with a short discussion about the differences between recycling, re-use and up-cycling.
  • For inspiration we use our ethical fashion label TRAIDremade to show how new things can be made from textile waste and cast offs.
  • Students are introduced to an array of textile waste materials including fabric scraps, discarded buttons, old beads and broken jewellery.
  • We demonstrate some essential up-cycling skills to get students started.
  • Students work on their ideas and use the materials on hand to create a brooch, accessory or craft piece.
  • Students present their pieces to the class.

Topics Covered

Waste Prevention, Recycling, Reuse, Up-cycling, Ethical Fashion and Textiles, TRAID, TRAIDremade, Sewing Skills, Design.