Where do you stand on the ethics of the fashion industry? This is an interactive discussion which takes students on a journey from our UK high streets to the fields, factories and mills in developing countries where most of our clothes are made. Using current case studies and films from projects TRAID funds, students will learn about the textile supply chain and how fast fashion harms people and the environment. Students will be encouraged to explore their values and to consider whether these values should apply to the fashion industry and their own consumer choices. The case studies will address:-

  • Cotton production
  • Worker’s rights
  • Ethical trading
  • The role of the consumer
  • Waste and climate change

This lesson can be booked as a standalone session to introduce sustainability fashion to students or delivered alongside creative workshops. Teachers can add other short modules to engage students more deeply with particular themes (see Extension Activities).

Topics covered

TRAID, Charity, Social Enterprises, Brands, Waste Prevention, Recycling, Reuse, Up-cycling, Resource Management, Ethical Fashion, Fast Fashion, Climate Change, Consumption, International Development, TRAIDremade, Child Labour, Cotton, Organic, Pollution, Garment Factories, Worker’s Rights