Pupils will design and create an amazing new piece of clothing from cast offs. They will work on a damaged or unwanted tee-shirt (or similar garment), ideally from their own wardrobe, learning basic sewing and up-cycling skills. This workshop demonstrates how up-cycling reduces waste by using what we already have.

  • We start the workshop with a discussion about the importance of using what we already have, the differences between recycling, re-use and up-cycling and how to protect our precious resources.
  • For inspiration, we showcase our ethical fashion label TRAIDremade to get pupils thinking creatively.
  • Pupils are introduced to the materials they will need to be fashion designers for the day. These include scissors, needle and thread, beads, fabrics, buttons, zips and more.
  • We demonstrate some essential up-cycling skills to get pupils started.
  • Pupils work on their ideas and up-cycle their garment into a beautiful piece.
  • Pupils present their pieces to the class via a mini fashion show.
  • Topics Covered

    Waste Prevention, Recycling, Reuse, Up-cycling, Resources, Sustainability, Ethical Fashion, Fast Fashion, Sewing Skills, Fashion Design, TRAID, TRAIDremade