TRAID’s work to reuse textiles is our starting point to explore the impacts of textile waste, consumption and climate change. We will look closely at the benefits of textile reuse as a sustainable solution to the problems of waste, landfill and diminishing resources. Students will learn more about where our clothes are made, and the conditions they are made in. At the same time, we share current stories from TRAID projects in developing countries to clean up the fashion industry.

We also introduce students to our ethical fashion label TRAIDremade which up-cycles new garments exclusively from textile waste. Students will see the possibilities and challenges of working with textile waste, and how creative use of existing resources can create a desirable fashion brand. This is a fast paced insight into TRAID’s work to reuse textiles for a more sustainable future.

This lesson can be booked as a standalone session or can be run with one or more of the Extension Activities.

Topics covered

TRAID, Charity, Social Enterprises, Brands, Waste Prevention, Recycling, Reuse, Up-cycling, Resource Management, Ethical Fashion, Fast Fashion, Climate Change, Consumption, International Development, TRAIDremade, Child Labour, Cotton, Organic, Pollution, Garment Factories