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18 / 02 / 20
This project run by OBEPAB has produced the following impressive results. Major Income Increase: In the last harvest (Winter 2018), farmers growing organically had a net income 92% higher than their neighbours farming conventionally (using chemical pesticides and fertilisers). It's not because their yields were significantly higher but because the inputs they use - for example ingredients for natural pesticides…
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In Benin, West Africa, cotton farmers struggle to earn a living to support themselves and their families. Poor health compounds poverty among farmers due to the use of highly toxic pesticides, often with inadequate or no safety equipment. Cotton is a very important crop in Benin. It is the fourth biggest cotton producer in Africa providing around 80% of its…
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Cotton farmer training in Benin to identify beneficial insects
It has been 5 years now since I decided to convert to organic cotton. I made this decision because I had just suffered a miscarriage due to the use of pesticides. Organic cotton has given me more independence as a woman, because I receive a better income, and I am paid immediately after the harvest. I am now able to…
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