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Girls at Risk

20 / 06 / 17
Every year, schemes known as ‘sumangali thittam’ (marriage plans) lure thousands of girls from poor rural communities into the garment industry with the promise of earning their own dowry (marriage payment) at the end of a three-year apprenticeship. These schemes claim to enhance the welfare of girls by giving them the chance to get married. The reality is that they…
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Three girl children removed from spinning mills in India

Amiya’s Story

20 / 06 / 13
Amiya (not her real name) would rather die than go back to working on the ‘sumangali thittam’ scheme. “I don’t want to live in this world if that happens,” she says, “I felt like a slave.” Amiya had planned to work for three years, for a daily wage of 110 rupees (less than £1.50) and an end payment of 40,000…
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Amiya, India