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Latest Update August 2015: This year Goodweave signed a $72bn US company as a licensee – the largest licensee in their history. Is this a sign that Goodweave is making headway among mainstream carpet and rug sellers? We certainly hope so, this would be a massive achievement. India, Nepal and Afghanistan produce some of the world’s most sought after handmade…
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Ethical brightly patterned rug which carries the Goodweave mark

Sanju’s Story

14 / 06 / 13
Born to a destitute family, young Sanju was sent to work in a rug factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Like tens of thousands of other “carpet kids” throughout South Asia, Sanju was exploited for her tiny, nimble fingers that were considered ideal for the intricate motions required for weaving. And like most child laborers around the world, Sanju received no compensation…
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Former child labourer Sanju at school with friend