With the festive season upon us and the shops lined with decorations and gifts, instead of turning to new items, it’s time to take a step back and look at the potential gifts you may already have lying around the house or in your local secondhand store, waiting to be (re-)gifted to loved ones.

It’s estimated that an average of 70 million unwanted Christmas gifts are bought yearly, so if you’re looking to reduce this shocking statistic here’s how you can help.

  1. Start gift searching early

Avoid panic-buying by beginning your Christmas gift shopping early. Take the time to visit your local secondhand stores where you can often find almost-new clothes, homewares and more. We might be a bit biased but secondhand stores are often filled with gorgeous pieces waiting to be loved by someone new, so if you’re London-based pop into your local TRAID store and see what we have to offer!

  1. Upcycle an existing possession

Why not add a sentimental touch to an existing item this Christmas? Show off your embroidery skills by adding your initials to a loved one’s jumper. Or, you can give an old plant pot some new life by decorating it. The holiday season is the perfect time to get crafty and see what amazing gifts you can whip up with what you already have (and without breaking the bank)!

  1. Shift the stigma with your friends

If you’re due a catch-up with your friends soon, why not get together to make some presents? Remind your friends that re-gifting or making gifts shouldn’t be stigmatised as these gifts are often cherished the most, plus it can be a great way to reuse materials and reduce landfill waste. Also, try not to overlook wrapping paper and Christmas cards, as these can be made by you or repurposed from something else, to save on unnecessary waste this year. 

  1. Look out for sustainable materials

If you find yourself still wanting to gift someone something new, then keep an eye out for gifts made from environmentally friendly materials. If you plan on buying new clothing items, opt for materials like organic cotton.

However, the fashion industry and the production of new clothing is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions – so instead of contributing to these alarming figures, we think the best thing to do is to choose secondhand this Christmas.

Hopefully with these tips in mind, you can reduce unnecessary waste and spending this year. And if you do happen to find the perfect gift in one of our stores, tag us on Instagram – we’d love to see it! Have fun re-gifting!