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In Benin, West Africa, it’s been another hugely impressive year of organic cotton farming expansion, women’s inclusion, and accessing new market opportunities with our long-term partners the Benin Organisation for the Promotion of Organic Farming (OBEPAB) and Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK). Right now, this TRAID funded project has seen participating organically certified farms achieve a 222% higher net income for…
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TRAID has created a fun, short, education video about the socio-environmental impacts of our clothes! Every year, we receive hundreds of requests from educators, businesses and communities to give talks, participate in events or run workshops across the country. As a small team we can't always meet this demand. To address this, TRAID has created a short video about…
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Beyond Black Friday

28 / 11 / 19
Black Friday. A day when unbridled consumption is fetishised and celebrated. When what we buy isn’t about need or utility, but bargain basement prices. When crowds brawling over heavily discounted goods goes viral and is treated as entertainment. A refuse truck dumps waste at a landfill site ©Leigh McAlea As awareness of the climate emergency grows, the gap between the…
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