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In Benin, West Africa, it’s been another hugely impressive year of organic cotton farming expansion, women’s inclusion, and accessing new market opportunities with our long-term partners the Benin Organisation for the Promotion of Organic Farming (OBEPAB) and Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK). Right now, this TRAID funded project has seen participating organically certified farms achieve a 222% higher net income for…
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Over a decade ago, TRAID's international development funding strategy evolved to exclusively support projects improving the socio-environmental impacts of clothes supply and production chains. It means that every part of our work – collecting, sorting, reusing, reselling, educating, and funding – draws on the power of second-hand as a transformative tool to produce and consume clothes differently, and to waste less.  Attade…
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Ethical fashion?

29 / 04 / 21
TRAID's CEO Maria Chenoweth explores the painfully slow progress of ethical fashion and what we can do about it. Ethical fashion means different things to different people. However, broadly, 'ethical fashion' aims to address five key problems in the fashion industry: waste, exploitative labour, environmental damage including water scarcity, the use of hazardous chemicals and animal cruelty. Ethical fashion, often…
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