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Small and Beautiful

17 / 07 / 18
It’s five years since TRAID began funding a project to support the children of garment workers in Bangladesh. Leigh McAlea, TRAID’s Head of Communications looks back at her visit to the project in 2014, and why small is still beautiful. In their work to support street and working children, ChildHope UK and the Bangladeshi NGO Nagorik Uddyog noticed that many…
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It's half a decade since TRAID began funding ChildHope a fantastic NGO established in 1989 to support street children and young people who face the worst forms of exploitation, violence and abuse. Since 2010, TRAID has committed our international development funding exclusively to projects working to end exploitation in our global textile production and supply chains. ChildHope insightfully made the…
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In Bangladesh, many garment workers are extremely poor women who are single mothers. They have usually migrated from rural areas looking for work and opportunities for themselves and their children. With high demand for cheap labour in the garment industry, many of these women work sewing clothes in factories. They earn very little, and can't afford to provide care for…
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Learning to write at a TRAID funded day centre in Bangladesh