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Refashion Day

15 / 12 / 14
TRAID Education were invited along to the Makerversity in Somerset House to join Hubbub for their Refashion Day. photo credit: Hubbub Refashion Day was designed to inspire people to give their clothes a second chance with creative activities from leading clothes menders and upcyclers, including a talk from the upcycling designer Orsola de Castro. TRAID are always looking for ways…
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Following another successful upcycled hat making project at Queen's Park Community School, Year 10 student Grace McKinlay offers an insight into the project: In Miss Fitzwilliam's textiles class, everyone is very busy. Sewing machines are humming; students are expertly weaving tassels and pom-poms, and everybody's hats are beginning to look as professional as the sort of accessories you'd expect to…
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