In the March issue of our Education newsletter, we invited our readers to get active in their local communities to build a more sustainable culture and society.

Havering residents learn to Sew Good!
Havering residents learn to Sew Good!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job are the different communities and people I meet and work with. Visiting different boroughs and interacting with local people really brings London’s diversity alive in a wonderful way!

Over the last few months, the TRAID team has worked a lot in the London Borough of Havering in partnership with the council delivering a series of Sew Good workshops reaching over 70 people!

TRAID up-cycling workshop
Turning one thing into another at a TRAID Up-cycling workshop ©Rita Platts

In these workshops, we talked to local people about the environmental benefits of extending the life of their clothes and how to stop clothes waste while saving precious natural resources and money.

Participants learned how to mend, adjust and update clothes that were damaged, badly fitting or just in need of a change. Plus, we did a lesson on how to make a bag from an unwanted tee shirt to replace the need for plastic carrier bags. All of this took place while drinking lots of cups of tea and telling stories about how we relate to our clothes.

What was so enjoyable in Havering was to see so many local people of different ages and from different backgrounds talking, laughing and helping each other with their sewing projects. To see a mother and daughter learning to sew together. And many workshop participants taking TRAID’s #secondhandfirst pledge to buy more clothes from second hand sources, rather than new.

This project came to an end in March and we very much hope that everyone who came to our workshops go a lot from it including inspiring others to give longer life to their clothes. The people of Havering have definitely inspired the TRAID Education team a great deal with their fantastic creations. And, dear reader, your community might be next our next stop!