The amazing ChattyFeet has partnered with TRAID since 2013 donating new socks for reuse and resale in our charity shops. They are a UK brand that walks the walk when it comes to reuse. To date, they have donated 2,875 pairs of their artsy, whimsical and brilliantly silly socks to TRAID. During Recycling Week 2021, we chat to founder Gil Kahuna about sustainability, ethics and reuse.

When did ChattyFeet launch? 

We started ChattyFeet nearly a decade ago with an idea: What if socks had personalities of their own? Our characters include Kate Middle-ToeFootgang Mozart and Frida Callus! We also run alternative Black Friday campaigns and have changed how we source products to put planet before profit. 

The ToeMinator (left) and Leonardo-Toe-Vinci (right)

What about sustainability?

We’re all too aware of the challenges that the planet is facing right now and will face going forward, which is why we’ve put sustainability firmly on our roadmap. It’s important that our products are made as close to ChattyFeet HQ as possible. Yes, you can source products cheaper elsewhere, but we all ultimately pay for the pollution caused by long-distance transportation. Today, every pair of our socks is produced in Europe, which helps to keep the milage under control. It also allows us to visit our manufacturer and make sure the working environments meet our standards. Our sock labels are now printed using FSC paper, which comes from well-managed forests. The packaging for our socks is plastic-free and we’re currently working on our organic cotton certification. Ethical materials are typically more expensive, but we hope that if more companies use these materials as standard, they will eventually become more affordable. 

Feet-Mondrian (left) and Ada Shoe-Lace (right)

We’ve been one of your charity partners since 2013, why charities?

We’re serious about good causes and love to support organisations that make education, sustainability and fairer conditions part of their mission – like TRAID. So far, we’re proud to have donated more than 6,000 pairs of socks to our charity partners, and we’re planning to donate even more next year. 

What are some of your other initiatives?

We use Black Friday to launch heel-arious marketing campaigns that raise smiles and money for charity (read about them here) – rather than just discounts. There are so many serious issues in the world, especially in the wake of Covid-19, and we think that it’s time for all brands to show they care.

What’s Socktober?! 

This October, we’ll be releasing four new characters to join our existing collection of artists, architects, astronauts and more. It’s always exciting to introduce a new character to the world – and we can’t wait to see your reaction. Here’s a sneak peek at one of our new designs, Henri Foot-Kiss, a brushstroke of genius who always puts you in a painting frame of mind.

If you are a retailer or brand interested in reusing dead stock and customers returns for example, get in touch.