56% of Kenya’s population are living in poverty and are unable to meet their basic needs. Increased global demand has stimulated a growing export agriculture and textile sector where the poor can secure jobs and an income to support themselves and their families. However, workers in these sectors experience very poor working conditions with no security or rights, and where none of the economic benefits of global trade are passed on.

TRAID is funding Africa Now to alleviate poverty by empowering low income households to benefit from the opportunities of increased global trade. The project will help 25,000 low income workers, and 5,000 small scale tea, coffee and vegetable farmers in the export sector, to get a fair price for their goods by producing Fairtrade products for the international market.

Farmers will receive training to meet the codes and standards needed for Fairtrade certification and will be linked to buyers to benefit from higher prices. At the same time, factories will be trained to meet core labour standards helping thousands of workers into safer, more secure employment.

Key Activities