Project location: Rajasthan
Funding: £53,723
Year / duration: 1999 / 1 Year
Partner: Project Concern International

Project Concern International (PCI) is a charity working to prevent disease, improve community health and promote sustainable development. In 1999, TRAID funded the Anwar Village Development Programme, a community led project to improve health, sanitation and water facilities across 11 villages in the Anwar District of Rajasthan.

The project focused on improving sanitation by building latrines and establishing a clean water supply. Only 10% of families in Anwar have access to toilets. The project worked with villagers to build simple two pit toilets from local materials after research into the most appropriate latrine models. By the end of the project, 150 latrines had been built. While many villages had hand pumps, many were in a state of disrepair and not working.

TRAID funding enabled PCI to provide villages with tool kits, and train nominated people in each village to maintain and repair hand pumps improving the reliability of local water sources. The second part of the project was an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign tackling high rates of infection in the region. Discussing sexual health is taboo and the biggest obstacle to raising awareness about the prevalence of HIV/ AIDS. In a conservative state like Rajasthan, it is particularly difficult to transgress the traditional social structure. The project trained peer educators from local communities to speak in villages and schools and the campaign reached over 10,000 people.