Funding: £60,000
Year / duration: 2024/ 1 Year
Partner: GoodWeave

In 2024, Traid has committed £60,000 to fund a brand new project in India and Nepal in partnership with the incredible NGO GoodWeave. This project will work to prevent child labour in the rug, textiles, and garment sector by supporting at-risk children and child labourers into education for a brighter future.

In many textile communities in India and Nepal, serious poverty often forces children to miss out on their education. Instead, they work to help support their families, resulting in vastly reduced life chances. GoodWeave tackles these problems by working on-the-ground alongside communities to create pathways to education and life opportunities to reduce the risk of child labour, while providing critical support for affected children.

Young women attending an awareness raising class in India. ©The Studio_M ©GoodWeave International


Traid’s funding will:

  • Provide 800 girls aged 10 – 19 with life skill classes to deliver education around sensitive topics such as child marriage, respect and empathy, equal rights, health, nutrition, hygiene, and an emphasis on regarding themselves as agents of change in their communities.
  • Set up 3 new Motivation and Learning Centres (MLCs) in textile communities in India to support 570 at-risk children to improve their education and reduce the risk of child labour. The MLCs are play-based learning models using language and number cards which do not stigmatise children who have fallen behind in their education.
  • Support the day-care and the ‘sponsored education programme’ (SEP) in Nepal for children of weavers employed by GoodWeave licensed factories aged 3 to 6. The SEP also pays for older children aged 6 to 18 to attend school alongside enrolment support and tracking child attendance.
  • Rehabilitate 70 child labourers who have been removed from textile worksites in Nepal by GoodWeave inspectors through stable educational support. For those children who do not have parents or whose parents cannot at least initially be found, they will be offered a place at GoodWeave’s transit home in Kathmandu where they receive residential care, and an accelerator programme to catch up with learning.
A group of children showcasing a traditional dance at GoodWeave’s Hamro Ghar (our home) in Nepal. ©Slow Tiger ©GoodWeave International


GoodWeave’s work is built around innovative, child centred education, life skills and rehabilitation to stop and prevent continued exploitation. For example, inspections of textile worksites, rescuing children from trafficking, and vitally, supporting each child’s individual rehabilitation journey.

GoodWeave’s remediation work addresses the ‘educational void’ for girls, who are at high risk of experiencing child labour, child marriage, and exploitation. This model also tackles the lack of awareness within textile communities about mental and physical well-being, health, personal ambitions, and the value of education. By bridging these gaps, GoodWeave aims to prevent girls from dropping out of school and falling prey to exploitation.

Together with GoodWeave, we aim to foster a future where every child has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive from a life free from child labour. Find out more about GoodWeave here. If you would like to support Traid’s work donate here.