Project location: Uganda
Funding: £30,000
Year / duration: 2006 / 9 Months
Partner: Restless Development

Uganda is young, growing and mostly rural. Two thirds of Ugandans are under 30, and the majority depend entirely on their immediate environment for food and income. Poor health, economic stagnation and unpredictable food supplies are commonplace. Restless Development is a youth led development charity engaging with young people to strengthen democracy, create jobs and support peace building.

TRAID funded the innovative Linking Learning to Life project to empower young people to take leadership roles in their communities. 28 young adults (aged 18 – 25) were selected from 750 applicants to become volunteer Peer Educators across seven rural communities addressing urgent health and environmental issues such as water pollution, deforestation and HIV/AIDS. Peer Educators were trained around water harvest and conservation, soil fertility, crop growing, and organic farming techniques. They were then placed in communities to share knowledge organising 231 community events and demonstrations reaching 3,936 people, 7,950 primary school students and 3,461 secondary school students.

Peer Educators encouraged young people to have a say in the policy and decision making processes that impact their lives, and on their families and communities. The project culminated in a five day conference giving hundreds of young delegates the opportunity to discuss problems in their region, and share ideas about how they could become more involved in their own future and lead their own development.