At TRAID we’re always looking for sustainable solutions to textile waste that are practical and useful in everyday life.

We see a huge amount of T-shirts in the waste stream. This is no surprise considering 2.4 billion T-shirts are produced each year. Absorbed within the thread of the average cotton T-shirt is a huge amount of energy and resources, with up to 2700 litres of water being used to produce one T-shirt, as an example.

When we delve deeper into the textile supply chain, we see water not only being exhausted in the production of our clothes but waterways treated by factories as a means to dispose of rubbish and chemicals. When 783 million people do not have access to clean water, this is not acceptable.

Whilst looking to tackle the abundance of T-shirts that cannot be reused, often as they have been designed for a particular promotional event for single use purposes, we see that single use is endemic in our society.

Everyday we see 19 million single use plastic bags that we know are bad for the environment, being handed out in England every single day. And we accept them.

Yet with every problem there always comes a solution. We’d recommend to take the Break The Bag Habit Pledge and refuse a plastic bag when you next go shopping. And, across our TRAID shops, we have charged 10p for our plastic bags since 2006 to encourage our customers to bring their own bags, or ensure they reuse ours.

To really take control of your plastic bag use, why not learn how to make a simple bag from your unloved T-shirt with our helpful illustrated instructions and take that T-shirt out of the waste stream too.

Take An Old T-shirt And Turn It Into A Bag
Take An Old T-shirt And Turn It Into A Bag
T-shirt Bag at Reading Festival