TRAID is working in partnership with West London Waste Authority in its six boroughs to provide a new free collection service for residents unwanted clothes and shoes. The new service launched in Richmond Upon Thames, and will roll out to the other boroughs over the coming months.

The service is simple and easy to use. Residents will be able to simply book a collection online or by phone 020 8733 2595 at a time that they will be at home, so they can hand their donations directly to our driver.

Ishbel Murray, Assistant Director for Environment and Community Services said:
“By donating your unwanted textiles you will be ensuring your textiles are reused and recycled rather than being added to the waste collection or being flytipped.

“It’s great to have this service to add to our hugely successful WEEE collection service as we work towards become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly borough.”

Jose Baladron, Recycling Development Manager from TRAID said: We’re delighted to be partnering with the West London Waste Authority to keep clothes, shoes and textiles in use for longer. Our wardrobes are full of clothes we no longer wear or need. Extending the life of the clothes we already have is one of the most environmentally beneficially things we can do to reduce our waste, water and carbon footprints.”

Emma Hall, Waste Minimisation Project Officer from West London Waste Authority said: “Textiles are a valuable resource and we do our best to encourage residents to reuse & recycle. Our aim is to remove all textiles from the bin and we’re embarking on this journey by starting with our partnership with TRAID in Richmond”