When it comes to clothes, TRAID operates a circular, rather than linear model rooted in our commitment to stopping the consumption of finite resources by increasing our use of second-hand. Our reuse services – textile banks, free home collections, charity shops and sustainable education – stop unwanted clothes from being throw away, our sorting and retail processes regenerate, revalue and revitalise clothes that would either be unworn or disposed of, and the money we raise from reselling clothes funds projects committed to solving the environmental and social justice problems which riddle global fashion supply chains – like child and sweatshop labour.

One of the projects we have funded in 2017 is with GoodWeave International, a charity working to end child and boned labour in our supply chains. TRAID is supporting GoodWeave to work with retailers to illuminate every corner of their supply chains, from tiny factories and workshops to inside people’s homes, where labour abuse is at its most prevalent and exploitative.

Read our blog post here by Nina Smith, Chief Executive Officer at GoodWeave International where she talks about how the project aims to support a largely unregulated workforce, and provide data for retailers to look beyond their supplier (first tier) factories, so they can address the realities of their supply chains.