Retail Stock Donations

The fashion industry produces over 100 billion garments globally every year, but there are no firm statistics available on how much new stock produced by retailers is wasted.

This ‘deadstock’ are clothes which haven’t been sold at full or sale prices. Ultimately, retailers must work towards ending deadstock inventory to avoid waste, from design through to production. The energy, resources and labour put into making even a single garment is significant and the fashion industry is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions globally every year, and rising. It is critical that retailers work to reuse, repair, donate and recycle excess stock.

TRAID works with retailers to put wearable deadstock back into use via our UK charity shops. We work with a number of brands and retailers to ensure stock isn’t wasted or destroyed. We accept wearable items and where possible, de-label items. We do not accept damaged unwearable stock.

Please email us to find out more.