Funding Guide

Cotton farmer training in Benin to identify beneficial insects
Cotton farmers identifying beneficial insects © PAN UK

In 2018, TRAID will have £300,000 available for funding international development projects related to improving conditions in the textile industry.

Applications can be made for project funding or for the funding of ‘unpopular’ costs such as salaries*, research, pilot projects, extensive baseline studies or any other aspect of work that you are finding difficult to finance and which inhibits the efficacy or impact of your work. Please note, however, all costs must ultimately relate to textile projects.

*For example, for the proportion of a director or a finance manager’s (in the UK or in-country) salary which is spent on managing directly or indirectly a textile-related project.

We aim to be brave in our funding so are happy to fund work which is experimental but we also fund work which has been tried, tested and proven successful.

We aim to be open and approachable, so feel free to get in touch if there is anything you want to discuss before or while you are writing your concept note.

There have been some changes to this guidance, so please read even if you have made previous applications to TRAID. These guidelines are also available to downnload as a Word Doc here . We hope that most questions you have will be answered below but if you have any other queries, please get in touch with Angela Russ, Head of International Programmes.

Angela is in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Direct line: 020 8733 2584 or Email

Funding Criteria

TRAID will consider projects, and/or associated costs, that:

Combat the negative impacts of the textile supply and production chain on people and/or the environment

Projects can tackle issues relating to any of the stages in the chain eg growing; harvesting; spinning/weaving/knitting; bleaching/dyeing/washing and treatment; cutting and sewing; recycling/disposal

TRAID seeks to fund projects which:

Project priorities

TRAID is particularly interested in funding:

Grant size

TRAID will consider applications for any amount of funding up to the total budget available. We have no set number of grants we wish to make, nor do we aim to make grants of any particular size. We will consider applications for both co-funded projects and projects where we are the sole donor.

Length of project

Projects should have a plan in place for ultimate sustainability. There is no maximum length of project.

Location of project

We do not have a particular geographical focus for our funding. However, we do not fund projects in countries without a recognised development need. Please note, except in exceptional circumstances we only fund applications which are submitted through a UK based NGO.


For certain projects TRAID will want to commission its own evaluations, a year or more after its project funding has ended. Grantees and their partners would have to agree to this potentiality in the grant Memorandum of Understanding.

Number of projects funded

Organisations are welcome to submit as many Concept Notes as they wish. We do not place a limit on the number of applications an organisation can submit. Organisations who have previously applied for funding from TRAID, whether their application was successful or unsuccessful, are also welcome to apply for funding.

How to apply

Interested organisations are invited to submit a Concept Note as follows:-

Organisations selected at the Concept Note stage will be met in person to discuss the proposed project. If your organisation is selected at this stage you will be required to write a full application. You will receive an application pack by 28th March 2018. The deadline for submission of full proposals is 10am on 31st May 2017. There may be further questions for you and your local partner from TRAID and its Trustees.

Final funding decisions will be made by the end of August.

Good luck with your application.