For National Volunteers Week we wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to TRAID volunteers past and present and share the stories of the people that generously give their time to support our work.

Today we say Thank You Viorica and find out about her experience volunteering at TRAID.

Viorica has been a volunteer for 11 months.
Viorica has been a volunteer for 11 months.

Viorica has been volunteering for TRAID for 11 months, twice a week. She started as a volunteer in Peckham and when she moved to West London she moved to TRAID’s Hammersmith shop.

We wanted to understand what motivated Viorica to volunteer her time to TRAID and how it might benefit her personally or professionally.

Viorica says: ‘I can be the person I want to be! I’m a student and an active person and maybe for my next job they will see what kind of person I am. I can contact TRAID if I get a new job and the manager David (pictured) knows me, knows how I work, how I support my colleagues, how I am as a person. People at TRAID have fun, work really hard and are open-minded which makes for a nice environment to volunteer in.’