I was talking to a dear friend of mine recently about how I would be guest blogging for TRAID to raise awareness of buying second hand and the buzz surrounding #Secondhandfirst Week.

We got to talking about her sartorial purchasing habits, and she admitted that she had never actually bought anything from a charity shop. She did, however, say she had the utmost admiration for all charities and the people that buy from them, but, she felt as though, personally, she didn’t have a creative enough eye to pick out items and piece them together. Being a photographer herself, I begged to differ, and I put it down to her simply not being confident enough she would find anything amongst the colourful masses. For some, charity shops can be somewhat daunting to a second hand novice. But for me, and possibly for everyone given a little bit of time, it’s like a treasure trove of trinkets and delights and the anticipation of not knowing what gem you may stumble upon is tangible.

Elizabeth Miles wears #secondhandfirst
Elizabeth Miles, TRAID Jacket,#Secondhandfirst

If we all had a little more confidence in the old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, I believe we would be well on our way to living in a much more ethically driven fashion forward world, in an already burgeoning second hand market. So next time you head to the high street to seek the newest trend fresh from the catwalk, why not try your local TRAID instead and have a good rummage in one of their gorgeous stores and especially, their wonderful vintage section. I find TRAID sets itself apart from the other charity shops, mostly because of the awesome plethora of quality vintage on offer – meaning you’re guaranteed to find something unique.

What I’m wearing (see photos): I bought this floral Yves Saint Laurent silk blouse for £8.99 in an All Aboard Hospice. I adore the tie neck details and frilly cuffs and collar that perfectly tie the vintage element in to a modern day trend. I had been scouring eBay and charity shops forever in search of a vintage tan suede tassel jacket. I was in TRAID recently and couldn’t believe my luck when I found this awesome jacket in the Men’s section! Its perfect and I pretty much live in it! It’s great for Winter, especially worn with cosy jumpers, layers and a chunky scarf to tie it together wonderfully.

Don’t forget to post your #Secondhandfirst week outfits on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #secondhandfirst! And be sure to pop in to your nearest TRAID and donate your unwanted clothes.