Year 9 students from Queen’s Park Community School in Brent were tasked with creatively repairing and altering damaged garments donated to the clothes reuse charity TRAID.

Students worked in small groups over the Autumn half term in an exercise where they learnt basic skills to breathe new life into garments that had rips, holes, stains and missing buttons.

QPCS Students Working On Their Damaged Garments To Alter And Repair

Students learnt how to patch holes, replace buttons, change the length of a garment, and to creatively embellish to hide stains and flaws using embroidery and fringing techniques.

Sarah from TRAID Education said: ‘These young people have highlighted that with a little imagination, patience, and some simple sewing skills we can get more out of the clothes that we have.’

Close Up Of Student’s Work Patching And Repairing
Styled By TRAID Window Designer Francesco Colucci Using Garments Repaired By QPCS Students

Carol Fitzwilliam, Textiles Teacher at Queen’s Park Community School said, ‘Students were encouraged to get creative with a pile of broken garments and with some encouragement have made these items of clothing wearable again. They are proud to have the opportunity to show their work in a busy high street window, but also by taking part in this project, will hopefully encourage others to fix their clothes rather than throw them away.’

This school project coincides with the launch of two Repair Cafes organised by the West London Waste Authority supported by TRAID, Cycle Confident and local electrical repairers Richmond Makerlabs and Restarters Kilburn.

Local residents are invited to bring damaged clothes, broken bicycles and small faulty electrical items to the Repair Café where they can learn how to fix them for free with the help and support of volunteers.