Wanted – Secondhandfirst Activists

TRAID depends on donations of unwanted clothes to sustain our work. We want to increase the volume of donations coming into our shops by talking to our customers directly when they are in-store.

The Role

Part-time Freelance Basis / £15 per hour / At various locations in London in TRAID charity shops

We are looking for bright and friendly people to spend a few hours per week in our charity shops during busy times to encourage and remind customers to donate their unwanted clothes to TRAID, and to talk broadly about our environmental work and the global projects we fund. You will need to be a confident communicator, interested in sustainability and willing to learn more about the powerful environmental benefits of second-hand so you can talk to our customers clearly and persuasively. You will receive training, continued support and all the tools and materials required for the role.



Email TRAID with your CV and a short covering letter.