Make a Slogan Tee Shirt at TRAID Peckham

On Friday 22th June, between 11am – 5pm, TRAID is running a Make Your Own Slogan Tee Shirt workshop in our Peckham charity shop.

Choose from 6 eco-protest slogans including Secondhandfirst, Stop the Waste and Forget about Trends and TRAID will teach you to screen print on sustainably sourced second-hand tee shirts which you can take home. The workshop is drop in and free with a small donation requested for the tee shirt.

Jose Romero, TRAID Peckham’s Manager said, “This is one of TRAID’s most popular workshops. Slogan tee shirts can be a powerful way to make a statement and wear your ethics. When we wear TRAId’s slogan tee-shirts on the charity shop floor, it often sparks a conversation with our customers about the wider environmental and social benefits of TRAID’s work to give longer life to our clothes – like reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption.”


Workshops participants will also be able to do a spot of sustainable charity shopping as TRAID Peckham will be restocked after the sale and full of incredible second-hand designer, high street and vintage clothes, shoes and accessories for women and men in all price brackets.